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Career and Financial Management (CFM) is a one-half unit Career and Technical Education (CTE) course required for students in all NYSED-Approved CTE Programs.

CFM can be taught as a stand-alone course or embedded within an approved CTE program. It is also commonly included in locally developed CTE sequences. CFM can be used as part of the 216 hours of CTE instruction required for students pursuing a Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Graduation Pathwayor a CDOS Commencement Credential. 

In 2017, representatives of the Business Teachers Association of New York State, the CTE Technical Assistance Center, NYSED staff, and a team of educators from all CTE content areas revised the 2003 CFM curriculum framework which is divided into “Career Management” and “Financial Management” modules. This collaboration created an updated CFM curriculum framework that provides guidance and resources to CTE educators delivering CFM. The New York State CDOS standards and Career Readiness Practices from the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) are identified in each unit. Additional academic standards may also be addressed. DOWNLOAD the Updated CFM Curriculum Framework Here.

The CFM Resource Guide and CFM Resource Bank (below) are intended to be used in conjunction with the CFM Curriculum Framework and provide a deeper level of support for implementing the Curriculum Framework by identifying lesson plans, videos, and other learning experiences linked to each unit. The purpose is to provide teachers with a variety of resources for the planning, delivery, and assessment of Career and Financial Management.

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