Middle-level CTE Theme Module Survey

Please print out each of the six Theme Modules listed below then open the link to access the Survey. Within the Survey, you will be asked to identify the Theme Module from a drop down menu. After you complete the first Theme module, please click "Submit". You will be redirected back to this Web Page. Please re-open the Survey using the same URL and select the next Theme module from the drop down menu. Repeat this for all six Theme modules.

Module 1: Career and Community Opportunities 

Module 2: Communication and Interpersonal Relationships 

Module 3: Financial and Cosumer Literacy 

Module 4: Health, Safety and Wellness

Module 5: Problem - Solving and Innovation

Module 6: Sustainability 

Middle-level CTE Theme Module Survey Vetting Tool 


We Surveys

WE™ Survey Suite, developed by the Successful Practices Network (SPN), provides easy-to-use tools that ask students, staff, and community members to share their perceptions anonymously about the learning environment, quality of instruction, and leadership in a school or district. Survey results are presented in a detailed report that can guide decisions about school improvement. There is a fee to process the surveys, but SPN offers a discount to New York schools.

The suite includes:

  • WE LEARN™ – Student Survey Grades 3-5
  • WE LEARN™ – Student Survey Grades 6-12
  • WE TEACH™ – Instructional Staff Survey
  • WE LEAD™ – Whole Staff Survey
  • WE SUPPORT™ – Parent/Community Survey
  • WE ARE READY™ – Student and Staff Survey

About the Surveys

  • 10-15 minutes to administer
  • online or on paper
  • parallel items compare student and instructional staff perceptions

Feedback from students and staff about their experiences in school can initiate innovative, meaningful school change. When school leaders measure what they value about learner engagement and the teaching and learning environment, the “data” can mean more than results on a test. Contact SPN staff for pricing.

Career Readiness Self-Assessment

For more than a decade, SPN has been conducting school and district assessments as a means of supporting leaders in their school improvement efforts. This experience has led to development an array of tools, which are now available in the Career Readiness Self-Assessment. These easy-to-use checklists are designed to help school administrators and staff assess the career readiness of their students and the efficacy of their practices. While the self-assessment is designed to be completed by school personnel independently, SPN staff can be contracted to provide any follow-up onsite support that would be helpful. The Career Readiness Self Assessment set of checklists may be used by school districts in New York State.

Rigorous and Relevant Instruction

The Rigor/Relevance Framework® is a tool developed by the International Center for Leadership in Education to examine curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

The free onlineRaising Rigor/Relevance Reflection Survey - is a personal reflection survey for teachers on the level of rigor and relevance in their classroom. The survey is used as a resource in working toward Quadrant D learning. It can also be added to a professional portfolio. 

CAREER Instructional Model

The CAREER Instructional Model identifies six instructional elements that are essential to career readiness. For each element, there is an online survey for teachers to reflect on their instructional practices. The surveys are free and take less than 5 minutes to complete. They are meant to serve as a personal assessment tool. After responding to a series of characteristics with the degree to which they are in your practice, you will receive a report that summarizes favorable practices and offers suggestions on how to improve other practices.

To start one of the surveys, click on the title in the bulleted list.