Adolescent Literacy's Connection to CTE
Today's high-quality employment opportunities require a more advanced level of literacy than ever before. It is now widely recognized that students must be able to read, understand and analyze high-level nonfiction information in order to be successful in future careers. Many CTE programs acknowledge the importance of improving adolescent literacy skills and have made this a top priority in their programs.
This webinar will explore how to seamlessly integrate rigorous and relevant literacy instruction into any CTE program.  Time will be spent discussing how to scaffold literacy support so students can learn to read both fluently and accurately.  Numerous content-area reading strategies will be shared.  An emphasis will be placed on engaging strategies that assist students as they build knowledge, solve problems and critique information.  
Presented by, Sherry St. Clair, founder of Reflective Learning LLC, an educational consulting agency based in Kentucky. Her organization works with schools across the country, creating specialized training and coaching services for clients. 
As a national consultant, Sherry draws from her rich experience at various levels of public education-teaching elementary school, being an administrator in a high school of 1,300 students, working as a state consultant, and creating and facilitating virtual courses. Sherry is a highly regarded national speaker and consultant, providing educational agencies with expertise in the area of highly effective classroom strategies, classroom walk-throughs, effective use of data, literacy and guidance on how to create a culture of college and career readiness.
Coaching schools to best meet the needs of all students is Sherry's passion. She holds a master's degree in Instructional Leadership as well as a Rank I in Instructional Supervision.
All (K-12)
Rigor and Relevance Framework