Transforming Middle Level CTE
If you want: to develop CTE courses that engage students with interests in all disciplines to convince your community that CTE is relevant and a critically important piece of today's middle level curriculum to create meaningful learning opportunities for students of all ability levels to remove the silos in which different CTE disciplines operate ...then this is the webinar for you.
Through educator stories, student reflection, curriculum planning strategies and suggestions for staff professional development, learn how you can reshape your middle level CTE program to align with the the multiple pathways to graduation initiative and create transformative learning opportunities for young adolescents.
Presented by, Dr. Jessica Williams, an experienced middle school and high school educator and an educational consultant.  In addition to writing CTE curriculum and Dr. Williams provides professional development to educators of all disciplines..  She has spoken extensively across the United States and directly to the NYS Board of Regents highlighting best practices in CTE at the middle level.  She has a passionate interest in helping young people experience a joyful education that helps them develop a strong sense of self and prepares them to make a meaningful contribution to society through their chosen life's work.
All (K-12)