Career Counseling:Transforming to Changing Times
Education and career/life planning is a lifelong process that requires all learners to adapt to changes in themselves and the world around them. To help ensure success, this dynamic needs to be reflected in the country's middle and high school career counseling programs. The fundamental challenges are to help students become aware of the broad range of available careers and then to learn how to connect their interests and skills to an educational pathway that leads to rewarding opportunities in their career choice. An enriched career counseling program, working in concert with career providers such as business and industry, academia, and government, can effectively help learners chart their course to success. In short, it is time to "reboot and re-calibrate" the career counseling system. This webinar will explore the current state of career counseling and ways in which it can forge a closer alignment among career pathway planning, career counseling, and industry needs.


The webinar will focus on:
* Challenges, barriers, and disconnects between education and career counseling 
* Areas of opportunity, including evolving industry engagement/certifications, embedding career literacy throughout the curriculum, implementing effective uses of technology, and improving career counseling competencies 
* Promising practices/strategies
Presented by: Janet Bray, Chief Strategist and Founder, Bray Strategies
Janet brings a unique perspective and vision to best practices for connecting education and industry for a relevant, skilled workforce.  For more than 11 years, Janet served as the Executive Director of the Association for Career and Technical Education, a not-for-profit association representing over 30,000 professionals across the United States.  She currently provides her expertise and knowledge to many organizations, including the Industry Workforce Needs Council, the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Career Readiness Institute, the Pathways to Prosperity Project, the Global Pathways Institute, Ideagen, Innovate-Educate, the National Association of Workforce Boards, the Department of Labor work on career pathways, ed2go/Cengage, and the Hope Street Group.  Among her publications is a 2015 white paper, Transforming Career Counseling:  Bridging School to Career in the Workforce of the Future.
All (K-12)