CTE: The Ideal Lab to Accelerate English Language Acquisition
CTE programs offer a hands-on approach to learning English as a second language by making learning relevant and meaningful for ELLs. While the lack of English proficiency can stifle student success in CTE, by becoming aware of students' affective, linguistic, and social needs, CTE programs can accelerate language acquisition.
Student interest in learning English increases as they participate in a chosen field of interest. Because CTE is collaborative in nature, students have opportunities to interact with English-speaking role models and therefore practice their listening, speaking, and social skills. Over time, English proficiency improves as students find a purpose for learning the language and improved proficiency leads to improved academic and technical skills. The speed of acquisition can be accelerated if students are given meaningful, relevant opportunities to practice the language. CTE thus becomes a very suitable avenue for ELLs to learn both career development and career readiness skills while they accelerate their acquisition of English. 
This webinar will focus on the importance of building background, collaborative conversations, and vocabulary development to maximize the implementation of CTE.
Dr. Norma Godina-Silva, Preeminence ELL Resources and Solutions, Inc.
Dr. Godina-Silva has been heavily involved in the preparation and professional growth of teachers and school administrators for over 28 years.  Being an ELL herself, she holds certification in bilingual education and ESL. She has assisted school districts at the national level in implementing best practices to ensure the success of ELLs and prepared local education agencies for federal and state on-site accountability reviews. Dr. Godina-Silva spent eight years as a literacy coach and professional development consultant for the Success for All Foundation at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and six years as the National Director for English Language Learning Services and World Language for Edison Schools in New York City.  She has also been a Bilingual/ESL Professional Development Consultant, including for NYS BOCES and the International Center for Leadership in Education as school districts help ELLs transition to the Common Core and maximize instructional opportunities for ESL in CTE.
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Secondary (6-12)