Reshaping School Culture to Truly Reflect College and Career Readiness
**The CTE Technical Assistance Center is facilitated by the not-for-profit Successful Practices Network (SPN), based in Rexford, NY. SPN also sponsors the Career Readiness Institute, a membership organization for K-12 educators that identifies and shares resources and strategies that support and promote student "career readiness" for schools and districts across the nation. Recognizing the critical role that career and technical education plays in making students career-ready, the Institute makes its regular career readiness-related webinars available for New York's CTE educators.**
Many efforts to help students achieve college and career readiness are actually superficial changes that fail to address underlying school culture issues. Readiness is more than a higher test score or another diploma credit. Readiness results from a culture of rigorous expectations, relevant instruction, and frequent student feedback on Life/Career Abilities (found in the Career Readiness Institute's Career Readiness Self-Assessment). To address college and career readiness in depth, schools need to reshape culture to support rather than block change. 

Learn how you can assess not only the health of your own school culture, but its alignment with college and career readiness. The fundamental leadership practices that reshape culture will also be discussed. 
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