Creating a Gender Equality Mindset
In most CTE and STEM programs, the number of female students is astoundingly low. While CTE and STEM programs in New York are rigorous and standards are high, the importance of gender equity is sometimes ignored or overlooked. Gender inequity is also prolific in industry. True change is long overdue, yet by changing habits and mindsets in school, our future leaders will be better able to confront general inequity in the workplace. This webinar will provide strategies, techniques, and programs to help improve gender equity in your school. Experiences from students, teachers, and administrators who have dealt with and overcome gender equity issues will also be shared.

Presented By:

Ivana Nuñez - a CTE teacher who specializes in electrical installation in Queens Vocational and Technical High School. Ms. Nuñez is also a graduate of the school, which is where she started her advocacy and work to improve gender equity and opportunities for women. She has been working to encourage and motivate young women to work and find their passion in the construction trades. As a teacher she understands her students' doubts, concerns, and struggles as she experienced these same circumstances in high school.






All (K-12)