Unpacking the Career Plan for Work-based Learning Programs
The career plan plays a prominent role before the placement of a student trainee into the workplace. This document contain essentials about the student's interests, skills, and career directions. Their proper interpretation can greatly improve training site selection and the student's work-based learning success. .

In this webinar we will:

* Unpack the design and format of the employability skills profile and career plan

* Discuss creative activities which will generate data for these documents

* Validate the knowledge and skills needed to interpret these documents

* Make the connection between the employability skills profile and the work-based learning training plan

* Identify the needed indicators to determine if the student trainee is ready to work

* Connect these two documents to the student's resume and communications for employment and/or postsecondary action

At the end of the webinar you should feel confident that you understand the creation and use of the employability skills profile and career plan for student and program success





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Secondary (6-12)