Webinar: Competencies Needed for a Quality WBL Program (Part 4)

Are you providing quality Work-Based Learning experiences for all your students? 

Does your school have a competent Work-Based Learning Coordinator to do the job? 

This is the fourth of 5 webinars that will address the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to deliver a quality Work-Based Learning program. 

Webinar outcomes will include the identification of the competencies and the action items needed to insure a quality program. If you are already a practicing Work-Based Learning Coordinator, you will find these webinars extremely valuable in updating your current abilities. If you are looking to hire a Work-Based Learning Coordinator in the near future, you will know what competencies to look for in a candidate. 

This webinar will cover #7 Student Preparation for Training and #8 Job Coaching Skills. 



Secondary (6-12)