Competencies Needed for a Quality Work-Based Learning Program (Part 1)

Are you providing quality Work-Based Learning experiences for all your students? 

Does your school have a competent Work-Based Learning Coordinator to do the job? 

This is the first of 5 webinars that will address the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to deliver a quality Work-Based Learning program. 

Webinar outcomes will include the identification of the competencies and the action items needed to insure a quality program. If you are already a practicing Work-Based Learning Coordinator, you will find these webinars extremely valuable in updating your current abilities. If you are looking to hire a Work-Based Learning Coordinator in the near future, you will know what competencies to look for in a candidate. 

In the first webinar we will explore the competencies (#1) Knowledge of Work-Based Learning programs and certification, and (#2) the Work-Based Learning Coordinator’s role in career pathways and career readiness. 

At the end of each webinar, participants will have the option to earn additional professional development credits by completing one of numerous activities highlighted in the session. 

Presenter: Susan H. Gubing, CareerSmarts


Download the PowerPoint Presentation Here 

Secondary (6-12)