Unpacking the IEP: Supporting students with disabilities in the CTE classroom

Description: This introductory session will provide thorough overview of the Individual Education Program (IEP) document, how to read it and what it means for instructional planning.

Learning Outcomes:
• Know why access to the entire IEP is important
• Understand the components of the IEP to include: disability classification; strengths and needs;
management; accommodations and modifications; testing accommodations; transition; assistive
technology; support for school personnel; goals; services etc.
• Know how to apply high incidence accommodations and modifications.
• Know how the IEP impacts testing and grading practices.

Audience: CTE educators

Presenter: Dr. Kimberly Ganley, Brockport Research Institute

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2:30 - 3:30pm

The Culturally Responsive CTE Classroom

Description: This session introduces participants to NYSED’s CR-SE Framework. Participants will:
Understand definitions and elements of culture.
Build knowledge about the culturally responsive and sustaining framework that supports teachers’ interactions and understanding of ELLs.
Analyze the impact that the language acquisition process has on students’ learning in CTE classes

Audience: Educators

Presenter: Tanya Rosado-Barringer, RBERN

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Special Populations: Improving Access to Quality CTE Programs for Special Populations

Description:This session discusses innovative strategies and best practices to increase effectiveness of the institutional outreach efforts to “Special Populations”. The session showcases successful models utilized across the country for effective outreach, engagement and mobilization of members of this population.

Audience: Educators

Presenter: Dina Refki, DA - Director of the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, UAlbany 

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Engaging ELLs in the CTE Classroom

Description: This session will explore the practices for classroom instruction that actively engage English language learners.
Participants will:
Gain an understanding of ELL Proficiency Levels.
Understand how to deliver content that is comprehensible to ELL students.
Practice strategies for actively involving ELLs in the CTE classroom.

Audience: Educators

Presenter: Shawna Sweet, RBERN

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