The self-study includes the following components:


A curriculum review is conducted to assure that the curriculum of all courses included in the CTE program is aligned with NYS Career Development Occupational Studies (CDOS) learning standards, New York State Learning Standards, Common Career and Technical Core, and related business/industry standards. Each CTE program of study must ensure that it is able to perform to the level of rigor required to prepare students for today’s business and industry environment and postsecondary education opportunities.

The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) mandates that all students with disabilities have access to general education curriculum including CTE and assessments. Therefore, it is important that representatives of special education and students with disabilities advocates be included in the planning, implementation, and review process of the CTE curriculum for a new or existing CTE program.

Instruction must relate to one of the six CTE major career areas (Classification of Instructional Programs Codes – CIP). Sequences must be organized by levels of difficulty or by thematic relationships. If assistance is needed in determining an appropriate CIP code to use on the application, contact the NYSED CTE team at 518-486-1547.

NOTE: CTE program approval does not constitute NYSED’s endorsement of curriculum or instructional materials. Program approval indicates only that a school district or BOCES has provided the NYSED with assurances that the curriculum review has been completed.

Resources and Guidance

NYSED Implementation Guide to CTE Program Approval, Section A 
NYSED Career and Financial Management Curriculum Framework
2001 Regents Policy on CTE 
Commissioner’s Regulations relating to Integrated and Specialized Credit: CR 100.5 (d)(6)(i)(a) and CR 100.5 (b)(7)(iv) 
NYSED CTE Unit Policy Guidance - most recent updates on policies related to program approval
NYSED CTE Unit website on CIP Codes
NYSED CTE Unit Curriculum for Career and Financial Management required curriculum
NYSED Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Resource Guide with Core Curriculum

Sample Forms and Example Documents

Curriculum Map for CISCO Academy from Ulster BOCES
Curriculum Map for Automotive Technology from Ulster BOCES 
General Rubric for all Technical Projects from Ulster BOCES 
Curriculum Crosswalk/Integration from Walton Central School
Student Personal Data Card - Employability Curriculum from Broome-Tioga BOCES 
Business Etiquette for the Workplace Wallet Card - Employability Curriculum from Broome-Tioga BOCES 
Student Career Development Guide - Employability Curriculum from Broome-Tioga BOCES
Curriculum Self Study Checklist from Walton Central School 
Academic Integration Information from Barry Tech, Nassau BOCES 
Academic Integration Information from Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES
Business Program of Study from Dryden Central School
Business Curriculum Map from Dryden Central School 
Sample Agenda Applied Academic Curriculum Day from JLHHO BOCES
Sample Invitation Letter to Participate in the Self Study from Barry Tech, Nassau BOCES
Self Study General Information sheet from Barry Tech, Nassau BOCES
Self Study Meeting Agenda from Barry Tech, Nassau BOCES
Self Study Committee Task Sheet from Walton Central School
Self Study Team Meeting Minutes Form from Barry Tech, Nassau BOCES 

Checklist of Elements Relating to Standards and Curriculum

  • Appropriate CIP codes
  • Course descriptions for each course in the CTE program of study
  • Curriculum maps, crosswalks, scope and sequence, course outlines, and other curriculum documents
  • Documentation of integrated and specialized credit
  • Demonstrated alignment to industry, academic, and CDOS standards
  • Coursework satisfies requirement for Career & Financial Management, either integrated in the curriculum or taught as a stand-alone course
  • Courses demonstrate rigor for college and career readiness
  • Foundational coursework leads to more advanced coursework in sequential courses within the CTE program
  • Lessons in one course are not duplicated in other courses in the CTE program
  • Minimum of 3.5 credits are awarded; minimum of 4 credits are awarded for programs offering integrated academic credit.



Resources and Guidance

New York State Office of Teaching Initiatives

Sample Forms and Example Documents

Teacher Certification Checklist from Walton Central School

Checklist of Elements Relating to Teacher Certification

  • All CTE teachers hold appropriate New York State teacher certification for the program in which they will teach.
  • All teachers of academic content hold appropriate New York State teacher certification for the program in which they will teach.
  • Staff delivering instruction in programs with certification, licensure, or registration by an external entity have acquired the necessary credentials.
  • Professional development opportunities exist within the school district or BOCES for instructional, paraprofessional, and support staff to acquire and improve skills and knowledge related to instructional enhancement of the CTE program.



Resources and Guidance

NYSED Approved Pathway Assessments in Career and Technical Education Acceptable for Meeting Regents Diploma Requirements 
NYSED Memo on NOCTI Cut Scores 
Sample of Trade and Technical Assessments 

Sample Forms and Example Documents

Sample Technical Assessment Checklist from Walton Central School
Student Portfolio Information from Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES

Checklist of Elements relating to Technical Assessments

  • An appropriate industry standard technical assessment measures student proficiency in the technical field for the program. 
  • The scheduling and administration of the technical assessment is appropriate. It is not required that the technical assessment be administered at the conclusion of the program.
  • The number of times a student may take a particular technical assessment is determined.
  • Existing laws and regulations related to administration of technical assessments are followed.
  • A system is developed to collect student-level and program-level data on performance on the technical assessment.



Sample Forms and Example Documents

Articulation Self-Study Checklist from Walton Central School
Articulation Agreement for Automotive Technology from Cayuga Onondaga BOCES
Articulation Agreement for Business from Dryden Central School 

Checklist of Elements Relating to Postsecondary Articulation

  • The postsecondary articulation agreement is designed to prepare students for the transition from high school study to postsecondary study in the career area of the program seeking approval.
  • The agreement that has been obtained offers direct benefits to students in the program seeking approval.
  • The agreement includes: 
    • prerequisite skills, knowledge, or coursework required of students to participate in the agreement
    • roles and responsibilities of each institution
    • duration of the agreement
    • endorsement by officials of each institution
  • Signed articulation agreements are on file within the school district or BOCES.



Resources and Guidance

NYSED CTE Unit Work-Based Learning 

Sample Forms and Example Documents

Work-Based Learning Checklist from Walton Central School

Checklist of Elements relating to Work-based Learning

  • The school and the employer cooperatively plan all work experiences.
  • Work-based learning coordinators are appropriately certified.
  • Work-based learning experiences are provided for students with disabilities.
  • The school complies with federal and state labor laws and the NYS Department of Labor regulations and guidelines.
  • Work-based learning experiences are relevant to the program.
  • The school complies with Commissioner’s Regulations and NYSED policy where credit towards graduation is being awarded.



Checklist of Elements relating to Employability Profile

  • An employability profile related to the program of study must be created.
  • An employability profile must include both employability skills and technical skills.
  • An employability profile may include information regarding a student’s
    • success on technical assessments,
    • attainment of college credit, industry-related certificates, etc., and/or
    • special honors, awards, work-based experiences such as internships.
  • An employability profile is developed for each student in the program and is maintained in accordance with records and retention policies of the school district/BOCES.
  • The employability profile is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis by the student and the appropriate program/guidance personnel.
  • The work skills to be mastered by students with disabilities should be aligned with the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • A blank employability profile must be submitted with the program approval application.

Sample Summative Employability Profiles

  • A two-page summative employability profile should be developed for the program of study.
  • The summative employability profile should be submitted with the program approval application.
  • A summative employability profile is useful as students apply to college and jobs.

Electrical Trade and Alternative Energy - Eastern Suffolk BOCES

Entrepreneurship - C.A. Bouton High School

Automotive Technology - Madison-Oneida BOCES 

Computer Technology - WEMOCO CTE Center

Advertising Design/Multimedia Productions - OMH BOCES  


Cosmetology - Ulster BOCES

Sample Formative Employability Profiles

  • An employability profile is also a useful formative assessment instrument.
  • A formative employability profile is an expanded version of a summative profile.  It includes all knowledge and skills in a summative profile but is typically longer.
  •  A formative employability profile is useful in assessing student achievement of knowledge and skills on a more regular basis than a summative profile as a student progress throughout the program of study.
  • A formative employability profile typically includes a section for both the teacher and student to reflect on recent achievement and set short-term goals.

Carpentry - Rockland BOCES 

Business Adminstration - East Greenbush CSD

Law Enforcement - Syracuse City SD