9th Annual Collaborative CTE Conference - November 22, 2019

 CTE: Bridging the Gap - Reaching the why generation

Hofstra  University


Conference Program 


Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose and Performance in Younger Generations

         Mark C. Perna

Breakout Sessions:

Meeting the Needs of All Students in CTE Classrooms: Ways of Getting There

        Dr. Connie Spohn, Michael K. Woods

The Why, What and How of CTE Program Approval 

       Ellen Palazzo, Rie Posilico

8th Annual Collaborative CTE Conference - November 16, 2018

 A Middle School to high School Continuum

Hofstra  University

Conference Program 


20/20 Foresight: Why Talk About 2030 Now?

         Dr. Bill Daggett

Featured Luncheon Speaker

Expanding CTE - NYSED’s Agenda

         Tim Ott

Breakout Sessions:

Strategies for Grading and Assessing Student Behaviors

Presentation Handout

Dick Jones

ESSA and CDOS Pathways 

Kathy Heinle 

Understanding the CDOS Credential and Related Pathways

Presentation Handout 

       Marsha Iverson 

Mapping FACS and Technology - Creating
Connection to High School 

Max Grundy 

ACTEA Conference - Leadership Strand April 12-13, 2018

Enhancing CTE Leadership

Albany New York


A Mental Model to Become a Stronger CTE Leader

Dick Jones and Kathy Weigel

Breakout Sessions:

Energizing Staff

Kathy Weigel

Instructional Leadership Data Practices

Dick Jones

Key Strategies for Soft Skills

Dick Jones




7th Annual Collaborative CTE Conference - November 17, 2017

 Creating Dynamic possibilites for every Student

Hofstra  University


Breakout Sessions: 

CTE: Connecting Middle School to High School and Beyond

Constance Spohn , CTE TAC of NY



6th Annual CTE Conference - November 18, 2016

Multiple Pathways for All Students: "Ensuring Career and College Readiness"
Hofstra University

Keynote addresses:

Brain Research and the Implications for Student Success

Linda Jordan, Midwest Brain and Learning Institute & Associate Professor of Elementary Education, Hope College

College Ready is NOT Ready Enough 

Bill Daggett, International Center for Leadership in Education

From the Classroom to the Boardroom 

Jonathan Jacobs, Digital Natives Group