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The Rigor/Relevance Framework™, developed by the International Center for Leadership in Education, is a useful tool for improving teaching and learning. This reflection survey is for your personal use to think more deeply about the current level of rigor and relevance in your teaching using the Rigor/Relevance Framework™. After completing the survey, you will be offered specific suggestions for raising rigor and relevance in your classroom.

This survey will reveal the level of rigorous and relevant instruction in your classroom. Look at each pair of statements and decide which best describes your students. Allocate 5 points between the pair of items ( e.g., 5 and 0, 4 and 1 or 3 and 2). For example, if one is an excellent description of your classroom and the other is nothing like your classroom, give the one 5 points and the other 0. If they are both very good descriptions, divide the 5 points into 3 and 2 with the one with 3 points slightly more accurate.