Quadrant D Leadership Reflection Tools

The Quadrant D Instructional Leadership Model gives school leaders a simple mental model for improving their practice by focusing on Empowerment and Innovation. The key leadership strategies are relationships and reflection. The model emphasizes the need to work on relationships and reflection over time, but also acknowledges that occasionally leadership actions may need to be more Authoritative, Creative, or Collaborative depending on the situation.

Personal Characteristics Leadership Survey

All leaders have certain tendencies in their personality and habits of working with others. Some leadership practices come naturally and others require more deliberate thought. The personal Leadership Characteristics survey is designed to help school leaders reflect on their personal tendencies in becoming a more natural Quadrant D leader. This survey can also be used by a school leadership team to collectively reflect on various strengths.

The survey is built around four pairs of variables which reflect the four different extremes of the Quadrants D Leadership Model.The survey poses leadership situations and asks which tasks you consider more comfortable doing. The cumulative scores from your responses reveals your tendencies in terms of the four-quadrant model.

By completing a short survey you get a score based on your quadrant strengths and reflect on your progress toward becoming a Quadrant D Leader.

Take the Quadrant D Leader Personal Leadership Survey

The true test of your leadership is the characteristics of the organization. Leaders should not only reflect on their personal styles but reflect on the characteristics of the organization. This survey determines the degree of progress in creating the characteristics of an adaptive school - ready to meet any challenge and committed to continuous improvement. The Quadrant D Organization Characteristics survey rates the school organization along four pairs of variables which reflect the extremes of the Quadrant D Leadership Model.

By completing a short survey, you get a score based on strengths and reflect on the degree of progress made in empowerment and combined perspective. This is great conversation starter on leadership.

Take the Quadrant D Organizational Characteristics Survey