Students at Food and Finance High School are part of a small learning community that focuses on culinary arts and finance related to the industry. Meeting both academic and industry standards students are prepared to enter post-secondary programs and/or the workforce. The belief that food is fundamental to personal, social, economic and ecological health is integrated thematically into the program. Students in the program benefit from a curriculum focused in Career Financial Management, Culinary Exploration, Cooking, Baking, as well an internship experience.  

Students demonstrate their learning through a Food and Finance Student Showcase where they collaborate with instructors, industry partners and the Food Education Fund to research and design a food/product and create custom menus and demonstrations.

Marsha Iverson, CTEAC Representative for NYC said of the program, “One of New York City’s premier high schools, the Food and Finance High School prepares approximately 400 talented students each year from the five boroughs for the lucrative culinary industry as well as post-secondary education.  Almost every senior is involved in an extensive internship. Under the direction of the Chef Instructors, students are involved in catering both on and off campus throughout their four years.  A Dining Lab features authentic hands-on dining experience featuring International Cuisine.  The high school also created a student-run pop-up food truck outside the school in midtown Manhattan.  Food and Finance created an active Food and Finance Education Fund involving over 180 different industry partners who are an integral part of the program.  In addition to culinary skills, students are prepared to finance and manage culinary ventures.  A true NYC gem!”

Program Staff includes, Roger Turgeon, Principal; Michael Bollati, Assistant Principal; Paula Astor, Guidance Counselor; Christopher Burgos, Chef Instructor; William Doherty, Chef Instructor; Michael Lynch, Chef Instructor; Geoffrey Tulloch, Chef Instructor; Jonathan Yung, Chef Instructor.