The Nurse Assisting Programat the H.B. Ward Technical Center at Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology (Eastern SuffolkBOCES) is designed to prepare students to be employed as New York State Certified Nurse Assistants.The rigorous program includes nutrition, basic nursing procedures,personal health and wellness, communication skills, anatomy and physiology, computer applications, geriatric care, promotion of safety and universal precautions, vital signs, medical terminology, legal and ethical responsibilities, emergency care, human growth and development, infection control, health care systems, careers in health,preparing for the world of work, and qualities of the health care worker.

A hands-on approach with an embedded laboratory component and practical applications of theory are emphasized over the course of this one-year program. Addressing various aspects of health care procedures used in the care of patients, the curriculum includes but is not limited to: bathing, positioning, moving, transferring, and monitoring vital signs.Students have the opportunity to take the New York State Nurse Aide exam and receive certification with NYS as Certified Nurse Aides (CNA).

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SUCCESS DATA: 100% graduation rate. 91% of eligible students earned a license/credential. 98% of eligible students passed a technical assessment