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The Graphic Communications program at Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers is a four-year program serving students ingrades 9-12. Each year approximately 30 students enroll in this intensive program and graduate with a Career and Technical Education designation on their diploma.

Students in the Graphic Communications program are assigned projects that are relevant to issues teenagers face, such as a cyber safety, traffic safety, and workplace safety. Students regularly submit their projects to design contests and art exhibitions and consistently have their work selected and showcased every year. 

Students in the Graphic Communications program gain specific practical and professional skills that give them an advantage over other college and job applicants. The program incorporates as much real-world work-based learning into the curriculum as possible. One of the ongoing “live jobs” is on the school’s annual yearbook. The entire book is created in-house, with students designing the cover, laying out the pages, taking photographs with a professional DSLR camera and retouching them, and selling advertisements to help raise funds.

Saunders Trades and Technical High School is an active participant in the annual SkillsUSA competition. Every year, they host a competition where students can showcase their abilities and compete for medals. The Graphic Communications program has won in various categories over the years.


Success Data:
100% of students passed the Regents or an approved substitution exam
100% of students passed a technical assessment 
100% of students received a technical endorsement on their diploma