A variety of literature, both fiction and non-fiction texts, can be used to support literacy within a rigorous CTE program. These include many works, including novels, books, short stories, biographies, speeches – even poems and plays. Use the search form below to find literary works that relate to specific CTE Clusters, reading levels, and grades.

Teachers are encouraged to submit titles to be included in this collection. To add a literary resource, just click the link, "add a Resource" just above the line across the page. Here you can enter in as much information as you have. A staff member will review it, make any minor corrections needed, and post it. We appreciate your participation.
You can search lexile levels here: http://www.lexile.com/

All items included in the literacy database are suggested by educators in the field. Neither the CTE Technical Assistance Center, nor NYSED, endorses the resources included in the list. If you find that any of the resources contain erroneous content, inappropriate language, or concerning subject matter, please contact us directly at ctetac@spnet.us.

Title Grades Type Lexile Level Author First Name Author Last Name
No Heroes, No Villains: the Story of a Murder Trial 11,12 Book Steven Phillips
Silent Witness 11,12 Book Richard Patterson
Jude 12,11 Book 800 Kate Morgenroth
A Lesson Before Dying 12,11 Book 750 Ernest Gaines
You Be The Judge: 20 True Crimes and Cases to Solve 11,12 Book Ehrenfreud
New Jack: Guarding Sin Sing 11,12 Book Ted Conover
firefighters from the Heart 11,12 Book Steve Chikerotis
In Cold Blood 12,11 Book 1040 Truman Capote
Durango Street 12,11 Book 640 Frank Bonham
Liberty Falling 11,12 Book Barr
A Prison Diary 11,12 Book Jeffrey Archer
The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness 11,12 Book Steven Levey
Ender's Game 12,11 Book 780 Orson Scott Card
The Beauty Myth 11,12 Book Naomi Wolfe
Bubles Unbound 11,12 Book Sarah Strohmeyer
Kabul Beauty School 11,12 Book Deborah Rodriguez
The Friday Night Knitting Club 11,12 Book Jacobs
A Blush with Death 11,12 Book India Ink
Beyond Blond: A Novel 11,12 Book Kathleen Flynn-Hui
The Mirrored Life 11,12 Book Anita Bunkley
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