Enhancing Group Work in CTE Classrooms

Description: Group work allows students time to collaborate, develop their social skills, and learn content at the same time. In this session, participants will learn how to effectively design group work to ensure all students participate equally while learning. Tips and strategies regarding setting up and managing group work will be addressed.

Audience: CTE Educators 

Presenter: Sherry St. Clair, Reflective Learning 

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Engaging CTE Students with and without Technology

Description: Student engagement is #1 - without buy-in, there is little hope of active learning. This PD will highlight some of the core skills and strategies in student engagement, with an emphasis on CTE courses and how hands-on learning affects student engagement tactics.

Audience:  Educators 

Presenter: Sarah Dong, Follow Us To Success

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Adolescent Psychology

Description: The first part of this PD session includes elements from both psychology and neuroscience. We will investigate the basics of adolescent psychology, i.e. how the brain develops during these formative years. We will go over toxic stress and its rather significant impact on student behavior and attitude. Teachers will walk away with strategies to implement in their classrooms, especially around classroom management.

Audience:  Educators 

Presenter: Sarah Dong, Follow Us To Success

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2:30 - 3:30 pm

Using Free Web-Based Tools to Create Interactive Online Videos

Description: This workshop will provide CTE classroom teachers with an introduction and a hands-on approach to exploring free Web-based tools to embed interactive components such as questions, polling, weblinks, and discussion into videos. Two tools, EDpuzzle and PlayPosit will be introduced, as well as TedEd, TED's youth and education international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons. 

Audience: Educators

Presenter: Dr. Kate O'Hara, Teacher Educator & Instructional Designer