The Successful Practices Network/ CTE TAC is committed to incorporating rigor and relevance into classroom instruction. This strong focus is built on the understanding that when a rigorous curriculum is tied to real-world application, students are more motivated to learn and therefore develop a deeper understanding of the content, which leads to greater retention of the information over time.

Gold Seal Lessons are a tool for integrating rigor and relevance into daily instruction. Each lesson is designed to teach to specific standards/benchmarks/objectives and centered around a highly motivating theme, activity, or project. Lessons are typically multidisciplinary and deal with real-world situations or problems. Additionally, Gold Seal Lessons should challenge students to learn and perform in a variety of different ways. They may be asked to research, write, compute, model, demonstrate, build, survey, or report in a variety of academic, technical, work, or community environments.

Network members have the opportunity to submit lessons and video of lessons to the Gold Seal Lesson Database. All lessons are reviewed and edited for publication in the GSL library. The following template and checklist are to be submitted to Please see below for additional information about submission of videos.

Video Library Submission - Gold Seal Lesson Criteria

The video library is designed to provide members with videos of the delivery of Gold Seal Lessons.

Members are encouraged to submit videos of Gold Seal Lessons when submitting a lesson for inclusion in the Gold Seal Lesson database or upon approval and publication in the database.

Video Criteria:

Video will be based on SPN member's Gold Seal Lesson that has been or will be submitted to the SPN's Gold Seal Lesson service for publication.

  • Video should include students in Quads D activities working through the performance task, and sharing final student work. Video of activities in Quads A, B, C are also acceptable to include.
  • Video should have wmv and Quick Time formats submitted via DVD
  • Preferred length is 5 - 20 minutes
  • Submission of student artifacts are encouraged, e.g., student work, assessments, handouts, pictures, etc. These may be shown in the video but should also be included as attachments (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, etc.)

If you have questions on the video submission process please contact Gretchen,

** Please note, by submitting a lesson to the Network for editing and inclusion in the database of Gold Seal Lessons the author grants consent that the lesson may be used by the Successful Practices Network. As such, the Successful Practices Network may distribute, repurpose, or reproduce lessons to fit the needs of the organization at present or in the future. When submitting a video to the Successful Practices Network, the video will be used solely on the website for the purposes of sharing with Network members. Any other uses will be at the consent of the author with necessary permissions from the school, students, parents/guardians, etc.

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