Once the self-study team has reviewed the CTE program for which the district or BOCES is seeking approval, the next step is to involve a team of external partners to further review the program and its application. The external review is separate from the self-study and involves different reviewers from those who participated in the self-study. The external reviewers draft a report containing any further recommendations that should be addressed prior to the application proceeding to the Board of Education for its approval. It is helpful for the external review team to follow the criteria of the program approval process and self-study as the basis of its review.

The external review team consists of the following partners:

  • At least two business/industry representatives in the career area of the program being reviewed.
  • One or more representatives from a postsecondary education program that is inclusive of that being reviewed.
  • For BOCES programs applying for integrated or specialized credit, at least two academic teachers in the subject area being applied for. These teachers must come from component districts.
  • Optional partners, including representatives of the community, special education advocates, parents/guardians, Workforce Investment Board/youth council members, parents, school administrators, guidance counselors, and members of the Board of Education.

Resources and Guidance

NYSED Implementation Guide to CTE Program Approval.
NYSED CTE Unit Policy Guidance  – recent policy guidance which relate to program approval

Sample Forms and Example Documents

External Review Information Packet from Barry Tech, Nassau BOCES
External Review Rubric from Walton Central School
External Review Committee Sign-Off Sheet from Dryden Central School
Example Extended Review Recommendations from Jefferson-Lewis BOCES

Checklist of Elements Relating to the External Review

  • External review team members include industry and postsecondary partners as well as academic teachers as needed to review integrated/specialized academic credit options. External review team members cannot have served on the self-study team.
  • Agendas are drawn up for, and minutes are recorded from, external review team meetings.
  • Documentation is provided that indicates administrators and teachers have considered the advice of the review team and made changes where necessary.