Prior to securing a post-secondary articulation agreement for a CTE program of study, it would be beneficial to review NYSED information on post-secondary articulation agreements.

What Is a Post-Secondary Articulation Agreement?      

A CTE program of study seeking approval must include at least one articulation agreement with a post-secondary institution.                             

  • The post-secondary articulation agreement is designed to prepare students for the transition from high school study to post-secondary study in the career area of the program seeking approval.
  • The articulation agreement offers direct benefits to students in the program seeking approval, such as dual credits, college credits, advanced standing, and/or reduced tuition at a post-secondary institution.

Components of a Post-Secondary Articulation Agreement                   

  • Prerequisite skills, knowledge, or coursework required of students to participate in the agreement
  • Benefits for students (e.g., college credit, dual credit, advanced standing, reduced tuition, other)
  • Roles and responsibilities of each institution
  • Duration of the agreement
    • Extends throughout the period of the approval (5 years)
    • Sample wording in the agreement includes:
      • This agreement will be in effect for the 20xx-20xx school years (5 years)
      • The effective date of this agreement is May 1, 20xx and will be reviewed for renewal five years after the signing by the participating parties.
      • This agreement will be in effect September 1, 20xx and will be reviewed annually for renewal.
    • Costs associated with post-secondary credit
    • Endorsement by both institutions
      • Signatures of officials at each institution indicate endorsement of the agreement.
      • Signed articulation agreement(s) must be on file within the district/BOCES.
      • The agreement must be updated whenever modifications are made.
    • A copy of the signed post-secondary articulation agreement must be submitted with both the initial approval and re-approval applications.
    • NOTE: For Health Sciences programs, affiliation agreement(s) 
    • Certification documentation for each teacher
    • Current professional license for faculty in appearance enhancement, barbering, and health sciences programs

Tips for Success – Post-Secondary Articulation Agreements                              

  • High school faculty teaching credit-bearing college courses must be approved by the post-secondary partner.
  • Secondary and post-secondary faculty and administration cooperatively develop/review curriculum, delivery of instruction, and student assessment.
  • The district/BOCES may enter into multiple articulation agreements at multiple post-secondary institutions for a program seeking approval.
  • Students and parents/guardians must be provided information on how to receive articulated credit specific to each institution offering credit in the program of study.
  • A plan for collecting and maintaining data regarding students’ receiving post-secondary credit must be created, revised, and/or maintained.
  • It is best to start this process early and to review all agreements yearly, as often the curriculum review process may take time


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