All school districts must report CTE data. Timely reporting of this data by the home schools and BOCES has become crucial to New York State’s ability to provide program impact information to the U.S. Department of Education and the NYS Board of Regents. Continuation of Perkins funding depends on the CTE community’s commitment to showing program effectiveness. This is not possible without complete and reliable data. Modified measurement definitions have increased the number of CTE students that should be counted. Data reporting updates are available on the NYSED CTE data web page. 

Reporting CTE Data through SIRS

All school districts with students in CTE must enter program service records for such students in the NYS Student Identification Repository System (SIRS). The school district accountable for these students is responsible for this reporting even if the students receive their CTE at another program service provider (e.g., BOCES).

CTE students are those enrolled in any course that can be a part of a CTE cluster (i.e., Agriculture, Business and Marketing, Family & Consumer Sciences, Health Occupations, Technology Education, Trade & Technical Education). This includes students enrolled in:

  • a local high school
  • a BOCES
  • an alternative education and a CTE program
  • an approved GED program (AHSEPP or HSEPP) and a CTE program
  • a CTE program in a nonpublic school that participates in data reporting via the SIRS.

Post-High-School Placement (5S1) for Approved CTE Programs

SIRS should be used to report all CTE data except the post-graduation placement measure 5S1. New York’s performance indicators track a universe of “concentrators.” See the expanded CTE data FAQ page

Additionally, schools with approved CTE programs must conduct follow-up surveys. Refer to the NYSED CTE office for procedures on submitting student follow up data.

Data Required for Re-approval

From the moment a CTE program is approved, the school should anticipate data collection for re-approval. Establishing a routine or system for collecting CTE data will make the re-approval process much easier.

Schools must collect annual student achievement data in the following areas:

  • Number of student completing program
  • Portion of students receiving special education services
  • Number of students completing technical assessment
  • Portion of students passing technical assessment
  • Number of students receiving technical endorsement on diploma
  • Number of student completing work-based learning by type of program.