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Following are several generic resources for developing CTE Student Leadership Organizations. For specific resources, refer to the appropriate state and national organization websites.

CTSO Brochure

This two page flyer describes Career and Technical Student Organizations and the rational for starting or supporting them. Each of the content-specific CTSOs and their missions are described. NYS Education Department and state organization contacts are listed for the organizations.

Expanding Career Readiness Through Career and Technical Student Organizations

This 2011 paper explores how career and technical student organizations enhance students' career readiness through diverse programming that is designed to enhance classroom instruction and four common organizational goals: leadership development; academic and career achievement; professional development; and community service.

ACTE - Career and Technical Student Resources

ACTE publishes some very helpful materials. This CTSO reference guide will help beginning advisors to get you started. This CTSO Guide to Accessing Federal Perkins Funds, from ACTE, provides guideline for the use of federal funds for the support of Career and Technical Student Organizations

ACTE also maintains a Facebook page.

Handbook for Advisors of Career and Technical Student Organizations 

If you are interested in starting or improving a Career and Technical Student Organization, you may want to use this text by Vaughn, R.C., Vaughn, P.R. & Vaughn, L. D. and published by American Association for Vocational Materials (AAVIM) in 2007.