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An intimate end-of-year Sharing & Support Conversation! Over 1,400 educators from across NY gathered together with other educators to share experiences and best practices with one another.  

Opening Session: Navigating the New Reality - 7 Principles that guide how we teach what we teach to post-COVID brains

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It’s a different world post-COVID, especially in the classroom. Not good or bad, right or wrong. Just different. Is this new “different” inviting us to be more curious, more patient, more intentional? To pay closer attention to who we are teaching and how they learn best? Many educators think so. The research supports it. The question is, What can we do about it? Let’s get our hands on the answer to that question.

Mark Reardon HS

Mark Steven Reardon has dedicated his professional life to discovering and articulating what works best in teaching, learning, and leading. He has been described as a premier facilitator engaging participants to think and act in ways that amplify their impact. Currently, he is the founder, CEO, and Chief Instigator of Transformation of Centrepointe Leadership. He's been in the training industry for 40+ years as an elementary and middle school teacher, middle and high school principal, trainer, chief learning officer, consultant, speaker, and author. He earned his B.A. in Psychology and Religion from California Lutheran University, his teaching credential from Biola University, and his M.S. in Educational Administration from California State University, Fullerton. His current focus is partnering with leaders that inspire, equip, and empower people to take action through the application of Intentional Communication.   

Additional Resources 

Differentiated Teacher Retention- Jeremy Abarno, Hendy Avenue Consulting 
(Session Slides
(Session Recording

Evaluation and CTLE Credit - you can request CTLE credit after completing the evaluation, the evaluation is two pages, with the 2nd page being the Content Area Sessions. If you did not attend both sessions, simply skip that section. *Please allow 5-7 business days for receipt of the CTLE certificate*

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