Dick Jones, Center Specialist

September 1, 2018

The refrain we often hear from employers is that they seek employees ethicsthat act appropriately and make good decisions. Along with teaching essential technical skills, CTE teachers must find ways to include efforts to give students feedback on positive work behaviors and emphasize ethical, responsible decision making. Rather than relying on your own experiences and stories, there is a set of free curriculum resources to assist you in this effort.

Three years ago, in partnership with the Daniels Fund, MBA Research and Curriculum Center developed a new Ethical Leadership Curriculum and began to revise the current course guides. The curriculum includes standards, pacing guides, lesson starters, links to resources, projects, assessments, and more. There is a one-semester course guide for those seeking a separate course. More useful for integrating into instruction is over 70 instructional modules (LAPS) These are free to any teacher and are an incredibly valuable resource. These resources are available at no cost through a generous grant from the Daniels Fund.

A new resource is a series of videos on ethical issues in the workplace. Each includes an interview with a young professional who discusses a real-life situation that the employee had to face early in his/her career. These examples show students the ethical dilemmas that they might face in the workplace, and how real people decided to handle them.

For those wishing to dig deeper into this the Daniels Fund Initiative and implementing strategies for utilizing learning modules (LAPs) to deliver ethics education, MBA Resources is holding a one day workshop on Thursday, October 18, 2018, [G12]at MBA Research & Curriculum Center, 1375 King Avenue, Columbus, OH. Registration:  Member state $119, regular registration $189 (includes a light lunch, breaks, and access to an extensive library of instructional tools and curricula)