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February is CTE Month This is a designated time when Career and Technical Education teachers, CTE Monthadministrators and advocates are encouraged to proclaim the value of CTE. Schools often pursue proclamations, events, banners, and brochures. You can locate resources and ideas from the ACTE website. CTE is often under-appreciated and focused publicity events during CTE month serve to draw attention to the valuable contribution CTE programs make to future student success.

Special events are excellent, but it is often small gestures done repeatedly which make a difference in changing perceptions. So, consider conducting a splashy CTE Month event, but also consider small gestures you can do every day to build awareness of the educational value of CTE.

Following are 28 little things to do during the month to promote CTE. Try one each day during February.

  1. Capture a video of remarkable student work
  2. Identify a new employer partner in the community
  3. Call a parent to compliment good work by their child
  4. Write a news item for the school website
  5. Write a note to the principal thanking him/her for support
  6. Offer to help a school parent association or booster club
  7. Invite a teacher colleague to observe your class 
  8. Invite an employer to speak to students 
  9. Invite a school counselor to talk to the class about post-secondary technical colleges
  10. Arrange for students to speak to middle-level students about CTE
  11. Invite a parent to observe your class
  12. Take photos of students with their work-based learning supervisor
  13. Set up a display of student work in another area of the school
  14. Have students text a message to family members highlighting student work
  15. Offer CTSO leaders to speak at a local service club breakfast
  16. Prepare a poster of what former students are doing - college, work, etc.
  17. Invite a middle-level teacher to visit the program
  18. Post pictures of student work on school social media
  19. Prepare your students to give a clear “elevator speech” when asked about CTE
  20. Invite a former student to speak to the class
  21. Invite a non-instructional colleague to observe your class
  22. Write a note to political leader thanking him/her for fiscal support
  23. Have students share a photo of their CTE projects on their social media (avoid other student images)
  24. Identify a community not-for-profit which students can assist
  25. Have students brainstorm a list of, “Why I like CTE?” 
  26. Invite school board members to visit a program 
  27. Thank a school counselor for assisting a student
  28. Encourage a student to enter a new CTSO competition