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New York CTELearn professional development portal is the online source for dozens of free NY CTELearn Logoand subscriptions lessons designed explicitly for CTE professionals. These are short, engaging, and practical lessons to strengthen your teaching or leadership skills. New York ACTE hosts this online resource in partnership with ACTE working with its partner MaxKnowledge. Recently a customized introductory video describes New York CTE Learn, which you can use to introduce this resource to your colleagues.

The CTE Technical Assistance Center is working with your professional associations to format and upload professional learning content. Recent posted NY lessons are on Middle-Level CTE and one on CDOS Certificate and Pathway. These are easy to follow, informative lessons for brushing up on these important CTE initiatives. Locate these lessons on NY CTELearn at Free Resources->CTE Lessons->New York CTE Leaders.

New York educators have developed several of the new CTE Leader credit courses. These are also available as credit courses for CTE educators nationally. Locate these on the site at Credit Courses->Leadership Staff->Essentials for CTE Administrators. The recently added courses created from New York are:

  • LC101 - Role of CTE in High School Improvement
  • LC110 - Creating a Safe CTE Learning Environment LC130 - Developing Soft Skills in CTE
  • LC150 - Best Practices in Supervising and Coaching CTE Teachers

Dick Jones will be presenting an ACTE Learning Series webinar on the Developing Soft Skills course at Noon on February 11, 2021

A dozen additional courses are in the development process. These four-hour credit courses can be accessed free in New York using the access code MK-NY617. New York benefits from posting these courses in the subscription credit courses as royalties support your NY Association of CTE.

If you have questions about New York CTE Learn or want more information on authoring lessons, contact Dick Jones.