Dick Jones. Center Specialist

January 2, 2017

As part of the makeover of the CTE Technical Assistance Center website, a regular blog will be an added feature.BlogImage Blogs are an excellent publishing tool for extended discussion of issues, ideas, practices and policies of importance to CTE teachers and administrators. The blog will address current topics of interest or recent innovative practices in schools. Blogs will be an opportunity to express a point of view by the author and also invite comments from teachers and administrators. This two-way communication can develop a better understanding of improvement practices and lead to further idea exchange and innovation. A frequent and healthy blog discussion can contribute to broader support for the implementation of best practices and development of CTE to benefit students.

You are encouraged to visit the blog site regularly for posting of new topics. The lasted blog posting will display on the CTE TAC website home page. The blog topics will also be publicized via Twitter @NYSCTECenter. The blog site will provide a place for readers to comment. All submissions must include person’s name and email. All comments will be reviewed before posting to ensure that comments relate to the CTE topic.

Members of the CTE TAC team will author many of the blogs on topics of interest and importance. We encourage CTE teachers and administrators to submit blog items as well. Blogs are usually between 400 and 600 words in length. Blogs are frequently opinion pieces but can also be an informational description of a CTE best practice. A frequent enhancement to a blog is a picture or integrated video and provides links to more extended information. Blogs are short communication pieces, written very succinctly. If you are interested in writing a blog or have a topic that you would like to address, contact Dick Jones, dick@spnet.us, CTE TAC Center Specialist.