Dick Jones, Center Specialist

January 31, 2017

One CTE Technical Assistance Center priority is to assist schools in facilitating theapproved programs CTE program approval process. This process requires CTE teacher and administer work involving other teachers, counselors, and employers. The process demands considerable work but, is extremely beneficial. Some often express, during the CTE program approval process, that it seems overwhelming. However, after the process is complete most reflect that the process was extremely valuable and worthwhile. As in most professional experiences, those that require considerable time and effort are the most valuable. 

Following are some benefits for CTE Program Approval to consider as you to engage in the process.


Benefits to Students

    A well-developed, approved program ensures that students are acquiring current skills and contributes to deeper learning compared to exploratory electives. 
    Students completing a sequence (3.5 units or more) may receive a CTE Endorsement on his or her Regents High School Diploma
    Students in a CTE Pathway may take advantage of the Regents 4+1 exam policy and substitute an approved CTE Technical Assessment in place of one required Regents exam. 
    Students completing CTE programs may receive up to 8 units of academic credit toward diploma requirements for integration of academic skills in the approved CTE program.
    Students are more likely to have credentials to help them beyond high school with a documented list of technical expertise, often a workplace credential and credits for advanced standing in college.
    Students in CTE programs score higher on high-stakes state assessments and complete their higher education degrees at a higher percent than non-CTE students. 
    Students in CTE programs develop many of the (soft skills, career ready practices, etc.) needed in life today. 

Benefits to Teachers

    Working with an advisory committee of employers and an external review team helps to expand the teacher's professional network and can draw upon this network in continuing to offer a high-quality program.
    Deep reflection on the quality of instruction leads to improvement and greater professional satisfaction.
    Both during and after a program approval process, teachers have improved opportunities to recruit students and thus increase the likelihood of sustaining a program in school.
    CTE teachers notice a more engaged student because their instruction is relevant to their career goals.   

Benefits to Administration

      Approved programs are ideal opportunities t0publicize with the community about the quality of educational offerings including Career and Technical Education. 
      Be responsive to the needs of the business community and economic development forecasts.
      Approved CTE programs is the first step in meeting eligibility requirements for federal Perkins funding for program improvement.

The staff of the CTE Technical Assistance Center is available to answer questions about the program approval process and support you through the effort. The CTE TAC website includes some resources which will be helpful to your endeavors. The CTE TAC website contains descriptions of the steps in the process along with suggestions, forms, samples and other resources to assist school leaders in this process. CTE TAC has also produced a recent webinar on Navigating the Program Approval Process. Information on the Program Approval process is available on the NYSED website and also a list of currently approved programs.