Dick Jones - Center Specialist

February 15, 2017

Blogs are an excellent communication tool among a variety of forms CTEOnlineeducators should use to gather information. Blogs often provide more timely information to keep current with policy and practice. This is the intent of the CTE technical assistance Center blog as it covers policies and practices in New York State. For those teachers and administrators with interest in CTE, the following are ten blogs to add to your routine reading as excellent ways to keep up with current topics.

CTE Policy Watch

CTE Policy Watch is one of the most active blogs hosted by ACTE and as the title indicates, covers current national policy and legislation affecting Career and Technical Education. This is an excellent source to keep up-to-date with policy issues.

Advance CTE

This is the blog site for Advance CTE, the organization of State Directors of CTE. The site is also another excellent resource for federal policy changes and national initiatives.

Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education Blog

The office responsible for Career and Technical Education in the U. S. Department of Education also maintains a blog on initiatives from the Department and national workforce development initiatives.

Educators in Action

This blog hosted by ACTE includes CTE educators sharing their perspectives, insights, and best practices with their peers across the country. This site provides inspiring stories of CTE educators. This is an open blog that CTE teachers can share their individual stories with others by contacting ACTE.

Industry Connect Blog

This is another blog site maintained by a CTE which particularly focuses on employers and educators connecting and collaborating on topics of career and technical education.

Jobs for the Future

Jobs for the Future (JFF) is a national not-for-profit organization that focuses on education programs to enhance college and career success for underserved youth. They maintain a blog around their programs and related national issues on career readiness.

PBL Buck Institute

The Buck Institute is well known for its leadership and work in project–based learning (PBL). Their blog provides an update on innovative practices which relate to project – based learning and is very relevant to instruction in Career and Technical Education.

The Pathways Sherpa

This blog, written by Han Meeder and the National Center for College and Career Transitions shares perspectives on how to develop the most effective college and career pathways programs and systems particularly in the area of building partnerships with employers in maintaining high-quality CTE programs

The CTE Online Blog

This site is maintained by Butte County, CA Office of Education's Center for the Advancement of Digital Resources in Education is devoted to connecting educators and leaders within the unique field of Career and Technical Education. The blog and related links include lesson plans and project ideas.

Career Sherpa

This is a blog loaded with job search and career tips from author Hannah Morgan.