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The third and final book in the popular CTE Administrative Leadership series, CTE Admin 3rd covers print 197x300"Beyond Your First Year in CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 Additional Things to Know," has been recently published by ACTE. The experienced authors, Bouquillon, Foster, and Hornberger, share practical advice, insights, and tips from dozens of successful CTE administrators from across the country. These three Leadership books combine many easy-to-read suggestions addressing the many unique challenges of leading CTE programs. 

The following book chapters reveal the timely topics in this volume.

  1. New Law, New Directions – implications of revised federal legislation
  2. Implementing Change – moving from vision and mission to action
  3. Improving Instructional Programs: When You Need to Help – addressing the problems in student performance
  4. Clinical Supervision: A Practical Approach – developing a systems approach to supervision and improvement
  5. Sustaining Relationships Outside the School Walls – developing and maintaining the essential community and employer relationships
  6. Work-based Learning Models – considering creative options for students to gain real-world experience
  7. Data Security in a Digital World – recognizing risks and implementing procedures
  8. Selling A Budget – advocating for what students need
  9. Changing Positions – considering your development
  10. Shaping the Future of CTE – contributing to the long term growth of CTE

Each of these topics is conveniently cross-referenced in the New York CTE Learn Administrator Competency Matrix. Explore the Competency Matrix and discover many other related learning resources to the CTE leaders' issues. 

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