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Teachers and students alike should be thinking about ways18Strategies to advance your career. Here some great ideas from a free publication courtesy of Trade Publications. Downloading the free publication requires signing up for a free newsletter. also has many free trade and technical area newsletters and publications related to many career fields when you check it out. From the short, easy-to-read publication are the following 18 Actionable Strategies to Accelerate Your Career.

1. Learn to Recognize Your Strengths - Define yourself by what you can do, not by your position or rank. 

2. Strengthen Your Self Esteem - Everyone has self-doubt; overcome yours with positive self-talk and celebrating each little achievement.

3. Develop Your Professional Value Proposition - Be clear about your value to the organization.

4. Put Your Passion on Display - There’s something infectious and likable about someone who displays a passion for their work.

5. Invade the Gray Zone - Opportunities exist to cultivate your communication, networking, and political skills in an organization's undefined responsibilities.

6. Cultivate Clean Power - Develop the freedom to work on the issues that matter while helping others in the process.

7. Think Differently About Your Conversations - Strive first to understand.

8. Listen Up! - Paying attention and genuinely listening shows respect.

9. Practice Swift Trust - Extend your trust immediately in a new relationship via your actions and communications. 

10. Make Decisions Others are Afraid to Make - Someone has to decide!

11. Cultivate Beginner’s Mind - In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few.

12. Stay Curious - Curiosity is a powerful tool to help you and others think differently.

13. Respect, Always - The need for respect is intertwined with many basic human needs.

14. Try Reframing - View Problems from a different perspective.

15. Learn to Adjust Your Altitude - Good leaders learn to quickly adapt to the audience and situation.

16. Resolve to Conquer Your Fear of Speaking - Few skills will take you further and help you more in your career than developing your speaking skills.

17. Make the Time Each Day to Just Think - It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take the time to shift gears and let your brain focus somewhere other than the noise coming from yet another meeting or assignment.

18. Read Every Day - Be looking for insights for vexing challenges in your work by learning from research, history, and others in different lines of work.

Learn more about each of these interesting strategies by downloading the publication, 18 Actionable Strategies to Accelerate Your Career. Pick some of these as conversation starters with students to discuss the strategies to career success.

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