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The general public and education leaders are reflecting more and more on the QuestforSuccessimportance of students acquiring positive social behaviors and personal skills of grit and perseverance. CTE is one of the most effective instructional areas for students to develop these social and personal behaviors. In CTE, teachers and students have opportunities to apply and get feedback on these positive Life/Career Competencies through group and individual real-world projects.

The CTE TAC has assembled a list of free and commercial instruction resources to assist teachers in reflecting instructional practice and adding new materials in developing these behaviors.

A new free resource recently added to this list is Quest for Success,  an innovative career exploration course from America Achieves. This course is designed to ensure students explore and prepare for careers of the future—particularly in IT, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. Throughout the course’s eight units, students progress from knowing themselves, to leading responsibly, and to planning for their futures. A variety of industry-aligned, project-based learning tasks engages students in solving authentic problems and developing new knowledge and skills. Tasks range from personal vision boards and values statements to food trucks, websites and marketing campaigns, and community service projects.  An instructional video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the resources available with Quest for Success. It begins by demonstrating how to locate the website, complete the form to access the materials free-of-charge, and navigate the Google Drive folder to access materials. It describes the course design and materials, and the order the documents should be used to make learning progressions clear. It also details the intentions of the documents, including the unit plans, teacher guides, and performance tasks. Quest for Success was developed from a publicly funded state project. It is now shared so that any school across the country can quickly implement it to meet their goals for students’ life and career success. This resource is intended to be used and adapted by educators in their schools and classrooms.

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