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Men in early Childhood Education

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Male educators can make a real difference for their students, particularly to those who might not have positive male role models in their lives. But because teaching has long been perceived as “women’s work,” men are often conspicuously absent from the classroom. Nowhere is this gender imbalance more obvious than in early childhood education.

Today, more than 97 percent of kindergarten and preschool teachers are women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, the ability to care for and nurture young minds is not limited to people of a specific gender. If you enjoy helping children learn and grow, don’t let outdated stereotypes stand in the way of a career path that offers job security, meaningful work, and a super-fun environment where coloring, playing games, recess, and naptime are all part of a typical workday… rather than grounds for immediate dismissal. 

Student Spotlight

Hudson Irving-Trader, who studied Early Childhood Education at Westchester Community College, acknowledged that venturing into a female-dominated field was difficult at times. “It’s a hard career choice,” he observed. “A lot of people don’t take it seriously for a man to go into Early Childhood Education. A lot of people don’t even take Early Childhood Education as a career seriously. I have to work twice as hard for people to take me seriously.”

Hudson Irving Trader With SourceFor students with the drive and passion to pursue this career path in spite of these challenges, he believes the rewards go beyond a reliable income and job security.

“The feeling you get when a child learns something new, and they understand it, means the world… [These are] the first years you learn everything, the first years you learn how to write, the first years you learn how to play, the first years you learn to make friends and share and do everything you’re going to need in life,” Hudson noted.

Joseph Seidel echoed these sentiments. A graduate of Broome Community College’s Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education programs, he encouraged other aspiring teachers to pursue their career goals, regardless of their gender. “If there are any men out there that feel this is specifically a woman’s job, I would really advise them to just follow their passions and follow their heart,” Joseph stated. “If it’s something that they believe they want to accomplish and want to set forth in their goals, they can do it.” Joseph Seidel with source

Ready to get started? Check out our list of Early Childhood Education programs at New York community colleges and Educational Opportunity Centers below. 

LEARN MORE: For more insights, watch Hudson and Joseph’s video profiles on the Vanguard Awards website. The Vanguard Awards recognize outstanding students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that are nontraditional for their gender.


Did you know?

During the 2020s, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 40% increase in preschool teacher jobs and a 20% increase in teaching assistant jobs (including, but not limited to, early education) in New York State. Many of these jobs require an associate’s degree, certification, or vocational training rather than a four-year degree. This means you can be job-ready in two years or less, even if you’re just starting out or returning to school. 


QUICK FACTS about Jobs and Careers in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Programs at NYS Community Colleges


  • Projected job growth in New York State, 2020-2030: 39%
  • Projected annual job openings in New York State, 2020-2030: 3,810
  • Annual median salary, New York State, 2022: $37,340

Source: O*NET Online


  • Projected job growth in New York State, 2020-2030: 19%
  • Projected annual job openings in New York State, 2020-2030: 14,420
  • Annual median salary, New York State, 2022: $34,440

Source: O*NET Online


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