The entire approval/re-approval process typically takes 6 to 12 months but may take up to two years. It is essential to be aware of NYSED’s strict deadline dates for submitting applications. Both the NYSED CTE Team and the Career and Technical Education Technical Assistance Center (CTE TAC) staff are available to answer questions in support of the application process. Contact the CTE TAC Central Office or a CTE TAC Field Team Associate in your region to help you through the program approval process.

 Submission Deadlines

  • These are the deadlines for approval/re-approval applications:
    • Applications for new programs seeking approval must be submitted no later than October 1 if programs wish to gain approval for the following school year.
    • Re-approval applications for programs expiring June 30 are due June 30 of the same year.
  • An application will not be processed unless all information is submitted at the same time, the appropriate officials have signed it, and it is submitted to NYSED by the deadline for initial approval or re-approval.

Tips for Success – Completing and Submitting the Application

  • CTE CIP Code
    • Select the CIP code that matches the program content.
    • Be sure the CIP code has not already been used for another program in the school.
    • If CFM is delivered as a stand-alone course, use SCED code 22152
  • SCED Codes
    • Identify a SCED code for each course in the program of study.
    • Select the SCED code that is most closely aligned with the content of the course.
  • Regional Job Projection Data
    • Describe current and projected labor market data that has helped you decide on the program for which you would like approval.
    • Include some long-term industry employment projections (10 years) in your region and statewide.
    • Include some long-term occupational employment projections (10 years) in your region and statewide.
    • Consult your local business and industry chambers, which may also have relevant data you can use.
  • Operational approval status
  • Be sure all information on your application is accurate and complete.
  • Check to confirm that the appropriate officials have signed the application.
    • Application is signed and dated (at the bottom of Part 1) by the chief administrator (typically the superintendent) of the district/BOCES.
    • Application is signed and dated (at the bottom of Part 1) by the president of the Board of Education (for initial approvals only).
  • The following documents need to be submitted with the application:
    • Part 1 of Application
    • Part 2 of Application
    • Self-Study Minutes and/or Self-Study Report
    • Blank copy of Employability Profile
    • Assessment Blueprint
    • Rubric for Project/Portfolio
    • Current Post-Secondary Agreement(s):
      • Agreement from each post-secondary institution, signed by both the post-secondary institution and district/BOCES
      • Letter from each post-secondary institution indicating its intention to continue the agreement for 5 years (unless the date is in the agreement)
    • For Health Sciences programs, affiliation agreement(s):
      • Certification documentation for each teacher
      • Current professional license for faculty in appearance enhancement, barbering, and health sciences programs
    • External Review: Signature (in person), digital signature, or email verification (virtual) from each External Review member
      • Includes name, title, organization
    • If you offer integrated or specialized academic credits, you may be asked to submit curriculum maps or crosswalks. Information and sample crosswalks are on the NYSED Integrated and Specialized Academics

Format for Submitting 2-Part Application and Documents to NYSED

  • The format for submitting each part of the application and the additional documents (PDF, WORD, US Mail) and the email and US Mail addresses are indicated on the application.

Additional Resources – Completing and Submitting the Application