Griffin High School
Griffin High School (GHS) is a 9-12 school located in a suburban community south of Atlanta, GA and is 1 of 2 high schools in the Griffin-Spalding County School (GSCS) district. GSCS has 18 schools- 2 high schools, 4 middle schools, 11 elementary schools, and 1 alternative school. GHS serves approximately 1340 students of which 55% are minority, 38% white, and only 1% of the student population is ELL. The free and reduced lunch population has risen to78%. Students with disabilities represent 13 % of the student population. The school has been state monitored for its needs improvement status since 2005. It was deemed a persistently low performing school due to its continued failure to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as determined by the multi-year averaging of the graduation rate equaling less than 60% over 3 years. For the 2009-10 school year the Griffin-Spalding County school district was awarded the competitive Race to the Top grant and a $4.5 million School Improvement Grant (SIG) was awarded to Griffin High School by the US Department of Education. In accepting the grant, Griffin High School would transform its school culture by implementing thematic career academies- a small learning community or school-within-a-school concept. It operates on a traditional 7 period schedule each day.Griffin High School Griffin, GA By Tiffany N. Taylor, PhD A Model of:
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