Saunders Trades and Technical High School
Saunders Trades and Technical High School (Saunders) is one of seven high schools in the Yonkers City School District. A large city incorporated in 1872, Yonkers is often referred to as a suburb of New York City, but it is actually the fourth most populated city in New York State. It has 29 elementary schools, five middle schools, and seven high schools. Each high school offers specific academic and magnet options for student to choose from. Saunders Trades and Technical High School was the first public trades school in New York State, opening in 1909. A dedicated magnet school for grades 9-12, Saunders is open to students from all sections of the city. Except for the Technological Sciences program, there are no special entrance requirements. Students and parents choose Saunders and admission is granted on the basis of a citywide lottery. Currently, there is a waiting list to enter the school. For 100 years, the school has been committed to combined vocational and academic instruction that provides graduating students with skills for employment and an academic preparation for college. The school is organized into four groups that operate as smaller learning communities: 9th grade, Technical Sciences, Occupational Sciences, and Vocational Sciences. Ninth grade students are taught by core area teachers using interdisciplinary instruction and flexible scheduling to ensure a firm academic foundation. In addition, an exploratory career program during the first semester of 9th grade facilitates the transition to high school and develops strong study skills and a disciplined work ethic. For the following three high school years, students choose to major in one of 13 technical, vocational, or occupational programs while continuing to be enrolled in Regents and college preparatory courses. Graduation requirements exceed state requirements and those of other Yonkers high schools. To meet these requirements, students have a nine-period school day, longer than in the other six city high schools. Students and parents accept this because it is a necessary ingredient in a school with Saunders
All (K-12)
1,200 students 73% minority 77% free/reduced lunch 12% students with disabilities 2% English language learners 97% daily attendance AYP met
9th Grade Success, Magnet, Rigor and Relevance, Small Learning Communities
Leadership, Low income, Minority, Personal Skill Development, Professional Development, Professional Learning Community, Relationships, School Culture, Stretch Learning, Students with disabilities, Technology, Transitions, Use of Data at classroom and building levels