Prior to embarking on the program approval/re-approval process, the entire team participating in the process should view the brief introductory video How to Obtain a NYSED Approved CTE Program. This video provides an overview of the program approval process and the components required to obtain CTE program approval. In addition, the advantages and responsibilities of schools/BOCES delivering a NYSED-approved CTE program are discussed.

Questions to Consider and Discuss

We recommend considering these questions with your team prior to embarking on the program approval process.

  • Why are we interested in securing NYSED approval for one or more of our CTE programs?
  • Is the administration and Board of Education supportive of and committed to the development/continuation of the CTE program of study?
  • Does the district/BOCES understand that a team of individuals is needed to complete the process to gain NYSED approval/re-approval of a CTE program of study?
  • Are district administrators and school counselors aware of and willing to be involved in the program approval process?
  • Have workforce development, business and industry, and post-secondary partners been consulted regarding job outlook and skill outcomes of the program?
  • Have we considered the current and projected job outlook, post-secondary options, and student interest in the CTE program of study?
  • Do we have the necessary resources (e.g., staff, facilities, and equipment) to offer/continue to offer a NYSED approved program?
  • Is operational approval required for the proposed program (health sciences, appearance enhancement, barbering)?
  • Will this program be accessible to all students?
    • If not, are we willing to create a plan and identify the steps to taken to address these barriers?
  • Is there a plan for organizing and storing all required documentation (i.e., a binder, online) so it is easily accessible to CTE staff, Self-Study Team, External Review Committee, district/school/BOCES administrators, and Board of Education (BOE)?
  • Is there a plan for program sustainability as current teachers, administrators, BOE members, and/or committee members leave and new team members come on board?
  • Is there infrastructure to accurately collect, report, and retrieve student performance data across five years when it will be necessary to apply for re-approval of the program?


How does this all go together

CTE Program Approval Workbook   

The Program Approval Workbook is designed as a resource to assist schools/BOCES with completing the approval/re-approval application. Although this document is not the official application and should not be submitted to NYSED as one, it is a graphic organizer and vehicle for assigning the various tasks for collaborating on completing the application. The Excel document can be exported to a Google document.

Front Page:

  • Names and contact information of the NYSED Content Associates
  • Names and contact information of the CTE TAC Regional Field Associates

Each Tab (A-J)

  • Aligns with the section of the application
  • Includes a work plan and a place to indicate task is completed:
    • What component is being addressed?
    • Who on your team is assigned to a specific task?
    • What is the due date for completing the task?
    • When was the task completed?
  • Contains a link to the NYSED information page explaining that component
  • Includes specific guidance regarding that component