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How to Get Disadvantaged Teenagers on a Career Track 

Exposing Boston teens to a wider array of potential careers is part of the mission of the Boston Private Industry Council, a non for profit founded 35 years ago to develop the city's workforce. Known as the PIC, the council helps run part of Boston's long standing summer jobs program by placing roughly 3,000 public high school students each year in hard to find positions that pay anywhere from $8 - $12 per hour at corporations, hospitals, health care companies, and community organizations. Roughly 40 percent of the student’s PIC places in the private sector work in health care or financial services, two of the brightest spots in the Boston economy.

Math Teachers Strive to Bring Core to At-Risk Students

Despite often lacking support and clear guidance, math educators are taking steps to refine their practice and adopt creative methods to help at-risk and struggling students make the shift to the new instructional paradigm.