The Network provides an in-service via the internet (Webinar) on a monthly basis. The Webinars are live one or two times on a given date. We also record them so members who are not available those times and date can still take advantage of viewing the in-service.

Looking for something in particular, let us know. Contact: Gretchen@SPNet.us

On-Demand Webinar Blog Series - Advocacy 101: Making the Case for CTE

The purpose of this on-demand webinar is to introduce you to the basics of advocacy so that you have the tools to support and promote your CTE programs - whether on Capitol Hill, with state policy makers, through the media, or in your local districts.

Title Grades
Webinar: Coaching Students in Career Exploration & Expanding Awareness of Nontraditional Careers Secondary (6-12)
Webinar: Competencies Needed for a Quality WBL Program (Part 4) Secondary (6-12)
Webinar: Collaboration in the CTE Classroom
Competencies Needed for a Quality Work-Based Learning Program (Part 3) Secondary (6-12)
Competencies Needed for a Quality Work-Based Learning Program (Part 2) Secondary (6-12)
Competencies Needed for a Quality Work-Based Learning Program (Part 1) Secondary (6-12)
Writing's Connection to CTE All
Navigating the Program Approval and Re Approval Process Secondary (6-12)
Teaching and Assessing Speaking Skills All (K-12)
Adolescent Literacy's Connection to CTE All (K-12)
Transforming Middle Level CTE All (K-12)
NYS CTE Approval Process: An Introduction and Overview Secondary (6-12)
Putting Career Readiness on equal ground with College Readiness Secondary (6-12)
Career Counseling:Transforming to Changing Times All (K-12)
Exploring Career Pathways All (K-12)
CTE: The Ideal Lab to Accelerate English Language Acquisition Secondary (6-12)
Reshaping School Culture to Truly Reflect College and Career Readiness All (K-12)
Creating a Gender Equality Mindset All (K-12)
School-Business Advisory Boards: A Blueprint to Harness the Power All (K-12)
Winning Work-based Learning Activities for the 9-12 Classroom All (K-12)