Whether you are teacher, administrator, student, parent, board member or employer, this section of the CTE TAC website provides links to many informational resources to help you learn about CTE and improve CTE instruction.  CTE TAC has produced several publications and videos that cover a variety of instructional and leadership topics. The site provides links to slide decks, which can be downloaded and adapted for presentations. Also included are links to online tools and surveys that teachers and administrators can used to reflect on and improve practice. Resources also include links to handouts and materials from recent CTE TAC sponsored conferences and workshops.


CTE TAC Introductory Blog

Dick Jones. Center Specialist

As part of the makeover of the CTE Technical Assistance Center website, a regular blog will be an added feature.BlogImage Blogs are an excellent publishing tool for extended discussion of issues, ideas, practices and policies of importance to CTE teachers and administrators. The blog will address current topics of interest or recent innovative practices in schools. Blogs will be an opportunity to express a point of view by the author and also invite comments from teachers and administrators. This two-way communication can develop a better understanding of improvement practices and lead to further idea exchange and innovation. A frequent and healthy blog discussion can contribute to broader support for the implementation of best practices and development of CTE to benefit students.

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