The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has established program approval process for secondary CTE programs in high schools and BOCES in order to maintain high quality instructional programs in CTE.

There are several advantages to becoming a CTE Approved Program.

  • Students completing a sequence (3.5 units) may receive a CTE Endorsement on their Regents Diploma.
  • Students may take advantage of the Regents 4+1 exam policy and substitute an approved CTE technical assessment in place of one required Regents exam.
  • Students completing CTE approved programs may receive up to 4 units of academic credit toward diploma requirements for integration of academic skills in the CTE program.
  • Schools/BOCES are eligible to apply to the state for federal Perkins funding for program improvement.

The program approval process includes several steps at the local level in preparation for submitting an application to the NYSED Office of Career and Technical Education. Approval is for five years, after which agencies must reapply for program approval.

This website includes descriptions of the steps in the process along with suggestions, forms, samples, and other resources to assist school leaders in this process.

The NYSED website has information on the Approved Program process and a list of currently approved programs.


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