Career and technical education (CTE) programs provide academic and technical instruction in the content areas of agriculture, business and marketing, family and consumer sciences, health occupations, trade and technical education, and technology education. CTE programs approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) allow students to earn at least 3.5 credits in focused and rigorous courses that form a cohesive concentration.

The New York State Career and Technology Education Program Approval Resource Guide supports BOCES, schools, and districts in the early stages of developing and preparing the application for approval/re-approval as a CTE Approved Program. This Resource Guide is a supplement to the Implementation Guide to CTE Program Approval from NYSED and follows the same outline. It provides resources, tools, and a planning process to support effective and efficient development of the program and completion of the application process. The Implementation Guide identifies the core components required to complete the approval process and demonstrate sustainability. The local internal self-study and the external review are designed to be an accurate assessment of the CTE program’s level of rigor and relevance in ensuring students become college and career ready.

The CTE Program Approval Resource Guide provides a brief explanation of each criterion in the program approval process, followed by a list of related resources, the elements required to meet the criterion, and examples. Resources and examples are drawn from NYSED, the CTE Technical Assistance Center (CTE TAC), and best practices from approved programs throughout the state. They are meant to serve as examples, not as official or required documentation.

Each program should prepare its own documentation based on local practices, resources, culture, and support. The entire process is expected to take about 6-12 months, with NYSED recommending that programs submit their applications in the fall or winter for quickest review.

Both the CTE TAC staff and the NYSED CTE team are available to answer questions in support of your application process. Contact a Field Team Associate from the CTE Technical Assistance Center in your region to help you through the program approval process.

Guidelines for Approvals

A school district or BOCES seeking approval for a CTE program must complete the appropriate application. Electronic submission is required.

A separate application must be filed for each CTE program seeking approval.

  1. The application must be reviewed and processed by the NYSED for each program originally. Successful re-approval is necessary in order to continue awarding the CTE endorsements on diplomas.

  2. An application will not be processed unless all information is provided and the appropriate officials have signed it.

  3. Questions regarding the completion of the application may be directed by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling (518) 486-1547.

  4. Two versions of the application must be submitted: an electronic copy (MSWord document only) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and the original signature application and all supporting documents mailed to:

CTE Program Approval
New York State Education Department
Career and Technical Education Team
89 Washington Avenue, Room 315 EB
Albany, New York 12234

Resources from SED

NYSED Implementation Guide to CTE Program Approval 
2001 Regents Policy on CTE
Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 
NYSED CTE Unit Policy Guidance
Commissioner’s Regulations relating to Integrated and Specialized Credit: CR 100.5 (d)(6)(i)(a) and CR 100.5 (b)(7)(iv) 
Commissioner’s Regulations relating to Teacher Certification: CR 80-1 
Commissioner’s Regulations on Regents Diploma with Technical Endorsement: CR 100.5 (d)(6)(iii) 
NYSED CTE Unit website on CIP Codes 
NYSED CTE Unit Work-Based Learning 

Sample Forms and Example Documents

Sample Executive Summary Template from HFM BOCES 
Consultant Committee Information from WSWHE BOCES 
Program Approval Wiki from DCMO BOCES 
Approval and Reapproval Process Summary from Jefferson-Lewis BOCES
Agenda for Program Approval/Re-Approval Planning Meeting from HFM BOCES

Checklist of Elements relating to Introduction

  • District/BOCES has considered local workforce development, postsecondary options, and student interest in planning the CTE program.
  • Administration and Board of Education support the development/re-approval of this CTE program.
  • Documents are prepared in a binder or online storage in order to support the self-study team, external review team, and Board of Education.
  • Self-study team members include program teachers, academic support teachers, administration, and other partners from industry and postsecondary education.
  • External review team members include industry and postsecondary partners as well as academic teachers as needed to review integrated/specialized academic credit options. External review team members cannot have served on the self-study team.
  • Agendas are drawn up for, and minutes are recorded from, review team meetings.
  • Documentation is provided that indicates administrators and teachers have taken the advice of review teams and made changes where necessary.