School leaders responsible for Career and Technical Education programs have the typical leadercompentencymodelresponsibilities and challenges of all high school administrators.  However, there are additional and unique demands of CTE programs. These include state program approval and re-approval process, acquisition and maintenance of expensive equipment, work with industry advisory committees, collaboration with other school administrators and teachers frequently strong in technical skills but still learning pedagogy. 

The focus on supporting school leaders in working with CTE programs is based on the CTE Leadership Competency Model. This reflects the scope of competencies which leaders need to be effective and encompass the generic areas of school leadership plus the unique demands of CTE programs.

Competence Through Blending Skills and Knowledge

skillandknowledgeSchool leaders obtain and retain competency through the continues development of skills and acquisition of current knowledge. The CTE TAC works to support leaders through development and revision of knowledge resources and frequent communication with school leaders through the website, newsletters, technical assistance visits to schools, and regional and state workshop in cooperation with CTE professional organizations.

CTE Leader Knowledge Resources

The following resources from the CTE TAC provide knowledge and information base for CTE leadership to obtain and maintain the leadership competencies

CTE Guidelines for Career and Technical Education Administrators provides a comprehensive New York State laws, regulations and requirements for Career and Technical Education Programs.  (currently being revised and will be available by March 2018). 

CTE Leadership Resources

Leadership for College and Career Readiness -- This white paper fully describes the ten essential leadership shifts necessary to support enhancing student career readiness in schools.

Overwhelm School Inertia -- This white paper shares leadership practices to Reshape School Culture to Truly Reflect College AND Career Readiness. As schools embrace the goal of preparing students for college and career, their leaders must engage in the task of reshaping school culture.

CTE Instructional Leadership - The resource focuses on how leaders can use relationships and reflectionibook cover to raise student achievement in technical and academic skills. The book includes 20 chapters on relevant topics for CTE including videos, and links to activities and further resources. Download the iBook format of CTE Instructional Leadership. Download a  PDF version of the iBook CTE Instructional Leadership which explores the unique challenges of instructional leadership for CTE programs in high school.  

Effective Instructional Leadership - Webinar focusing on the strategy of creating team of individuals focused on a common goal of improving both teaching and learning in a classroom