The Career and Technical Education Technical Assistance Center (CTE TAC) operates under a state contract to assist the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in carrying out its mission of improving the quality, access, and delivery of career and technical education through research-based methods and strategies resulting in broader CTE opportunities for all students. It’s mission and purpose are to:

  • Increases the capacity of NYSED to Serve, Support, and Expand CTE across the state 
  • Serve BOCES and Local Education Agency (LEA) programs, and CTE professional and student leadership organizations
  • Provide comprehensive professional development and leadership development for CTE
  • Provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of CTE


How CTE Helps the School Improvement Agenda?

Dick Jones, Center Specialist

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is known as a place of hands-onimproveCTE instruction, interesting to students, and helping some students prepare for a career. However, a rigorous CTE program can be a valuable resource for school improvement. Most schools have an agenda to ensure that school; positively changes student lives, yields student learning results, is a successful transition to college, and develops strong community support. By placing emphasis on CTE school leaders can better achieve this overall improvement agenda.


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